Prophetic Art

In 2011, I was blessed with the opportunity to paint at church. For many years I had a desire to use art in worship and ministry, but I wasn’t sure how it was going to happen. In the time since then, I’ve had many opportunities to paint, and I’ve been able to grow in this gifting.

I’ve painted during healing prayer services, and in corporate times of worship. I don’t claim to be a “Prophet”, but I will say that God gives me prophetic pictures.

Sometimes God impresses a specific image in my mind, and I simply paint it. Other times, it’s just a word or a concept, and I spontaneously paint what comes out. Yet other times, I just start painting and ask God to paint through me.

Generally these paintings are painted quickly in a live setting, often in less than an hour.

I’ve found that this ministry is twofold (at least). It’s a picture FOR God and it’s a picture FROM God. My painting is an act of worship; an offering to God. No matter how it ends up looking, it’s all for Him.

At the same time, it is often a picture from Him. He may give me the inspiration and ability to paint an image that is edifying to the church body, to an individual, or to simply to me.

For example, during corporate worship at a men’s event, God gave me a picture of a roaring lion coming out of a man’s chest. As it turned out, this was a picture of what was being taught in that night’s message, and I believe was also a representation of something God was doing in the church.

During healing prayer services, it seems that the pictures are often messages from God for specific people. For example, one time I was compelled to paint a picture of a ball of pain being exploded by the fire and power of God. This picture brought hope to someone who was battling a brain tumor.

I am interested in painting in worship services and other events locally, and around the world, and also teaching a prophetic art workshop which I created. Please contact me with details about your ministry opportunity so we can pray about it.

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