Here are a few things I have been involved in…

Our Cry, Kaitlyn Stover – a Christian worship music album. (Executive Producer, Publisher)

The Next Internet Millionaire – The world’s first Internet marketing reality show. 13 episodes. (Writer, Director, and Producer)

Anything Could Happen, Sauni’s Big Jump – My brother’s album. Also Executive Producer of some other albums he’s produced. (Executive Producer)

The Longevity Secret – An award winning documentary about Noah’s Ark. (Executive Producer)

Miraculous Messages – Christian version of the Noah’s Ark documentary. Award winning. (Executive Producer)

Of Rocks and Roses – Christian poetry and parables of faith and promise. (Editor, Publisher)

Dance Concert Posters – I’ve designed primarily with Photoshop.

I’ve co-produced dance concerts with my wife.

I’ve shot video on location and produced promotional videos for a missions organizations.

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