Copywriting Services

My sales copy has sold millions of dollars of products online. I am currently offering sales letters and video sales letters for any product or service (as long as it’s legal and moral).

While you could use the sales letter offline (in printed media, direct mail, etc), my sales letters are specifically designed as ONLINE direct response sales copy.

I will include:

-HTML fully formatted sales page
-All graphics on the sales page (or I will incorporate your graphics)
-Sales video in multiple formats (if a video is ordered)


I normally charge $15k-$20k for a sales letter (or sales video). My sales letters and videos have resulted in dozens of six-figure product launches.

I do not guarantee any results, but if you have a good product the potential ROI is obviously tremendous.

I can also write “One Time Offer” sales letters. My OTO’s have been known to convert 30-80%.

If you’re in the market for these kind of results, please contact me and let me know the details of your project.

Do not contact me unless you’re serious and have the cash to pay for it. I’m not interested in any JV’s or getting paid after you make the money.

Sorry to sound like a jerk, but I’m selective about what projects I take on, because I really don’t need the “work”. I actually make more money when I write for myself, but I enjoy writing for others from time to time.