Reborn Identity


This was a spontaneous painting during a healing prayer service. I believe this picture has several layers of meaning. I see Christ, baptism, new life, sunrise, a womb, a cross, and more.

Here is an incredible interpretation given to me by the young woman who received this painting:

This painting is interpreted from the left bottom hand corner working itself around clockwise.

From the foundation of the world God knew us. That is why the cross has been established into the corner foundation. From Christ being our foundation we were birthed into life up from the ground.

Jesus created us within his unique design and we were given the gifts to love him. We were given freedom but it was a hazy white and clouded by darkness of fear, death and sin. We were given joy, but it was dulled by our distorted view of the light which dwells within us.

There is a red K in the dull light which represents the gifts we have in the kingdom of God, it is our kingdom reality, yet our view of this reality is swayed because of the sin that entered.

We were also given glory. All these things on the left are and have been within us the whole time, but as you see the smaller cross made of blue, we have had a distorted view of what Christ really purchased for us on the cross.

But then there was transformation. As we stepped into our new creation identity as a son or daughter of God , that is when our full potential arose and all haze over our vision of how we viewed those gifts was removed so we could walk in full power and authority of the kingdom at hand in which we possess.

The lighter red represents the mercy of God which he poured over us into the core of who we are. The darker red is Jesus’ blood which he purchased for us on the cross; so therefore he could set us free into new creation identity. That is why it is going down our backbone for we have become new.

The bright yellow represents unclouded joy that is ours from the cross, we also radiate the light. The creamier yellow is the glory, we get to walk and dwell in the glory of God , unhindered, and we can now approach the throne of God with full boldness and confidence. There is a crown on his head because we are now walking in our identity as heirs to the throne as sons and daughters of God of our Father.

Black is defined as a color that absorbs all other light around it. We are considered black because we have absorbed the things above the black which are mercy, his blood, his love, his joy, his glory, and our sonship. But we have also absorbed Jesus because Jesus is light , so therefore we have absorbed the light.

The white is us embracing the forgiveness we have received as a result of the cross and now we walk in freedom because of that. The dark heavy blue and teal colors form a baptismal tank with water in it. Now that we have embraced Jesus as setting us free and the reality of what is ours, we have been baptized into new life.

The sky blue teal color that is coming from the side of gray cross is the grace that we have received from the cross instead of law. Our elbows are also placed on the cross because we are now leaning not the finished work of the cross as our only sturdy foundation.

We are also on our knees and underneath is a dark gray. We are in submission to the Rock, our one and only true God. Underneath our feet is a dark periwinkle blue. We are grounded on Christ and the Holy Spirit goes before us. Lastly, there is a brown stool underneath the person. We are seated on the mercy seat, also seated in heavenly places with Christ, which is established and held up by grace. Therefore our new reality is who we were created to be, made up of everything that was bought on the cross for us which holds us in place in our position of new creation status.

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