Potter’s Wheel

Potters Wheel

30″x40″ acrylic on canvas

Painted during Saturday night worship service. He is the potter and we are the clay. His hands are upon us, shaping and molding us. Only He knows what the end result will look like. The potter’s hands have clay on them, and perhaps the blood of Jesus is also represented here. As His hands press into our flesh, His DNA is infused into us. He has poured Holy Spirit into us, even as we are still a work in progress. We contain the resurrection power of Christ, and His glory shines through us.

Here is a powerful testimony I received about this painting:

“Our family moved here a year ago because the Lord told us too. We left everything and came trusting God. It hasn’t been easy at all but our faith has increased beyond what I can even express in this email. That weekend my husband and I were in need of the Lord to just touch us and show us He is going to provide and we are still in His will. During worship as you were painting it, my husband and I were just drawn to it. We both felt like that was the Lord saying that He has been forming us during this year to what He wants us to be. It also was a confirmation that He was about to release us into a new season with the “rays” coming out of the top. Then we went up for Pastor Jonathan to pray over us and he said some of those things over us as well.

Our son, who is 7 walked into the sancutary from children’s church and looked at the painting and said mom we have to have that for our house. That is like God saying He’s turning me to be more like Him. Our son then went up and watched you finish watching you. He had no clue that it had ministered to my husband and I. Two days after that the Lord just started pouring out so much favor on us and things started to happen. We have been super blessed to be here in CO!!”

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