Jesus in Times Square

Jesus in Times Square

24″x36″ acrylic on canvas

Painted during Sunday morning worship service.

I felt compelled to paint Jesus in New York City. This was two days before hurricane Sandy hit NYC, but I really wasn’t thinking about that when I was painting it. I felt like Jesus was saying “come to me”. It’s like a city of prodigals, and He was waiting for them, ready to welcome them home.

In the painting He is partially transparent, because He is there in Spirit. He is always there, always loving. He is representing the Father heart of God, which is always ready to welcome us home.

There is a lot of movement in the painting, with cars and people buzzing along. Perhaps most of them are too busy, and too distracted to notice that Jesus is right there.

Perhaps there was also a connection with the hurricane. It’s like there is something in the spiritual realm similar to what is happening in the physical. There is a hurricane of darkness, but He is standing over the city, protecting all who run to Him for shelter.

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