Isaiah 51:11

Isaiah 51 11

48″x36″ acrylic on canvas

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Painted during Sunday morning worship service. This picture was inspired by Isaiah 51:10-11…

Are You not the One who dried up the sea,
The waters of the great deep;
That made the depths of the sea a road
For the redeemed to cross over?

So the ransomed of the Lord shall return,
And come to Zion with singing,
With everlasting joy on their heads.
They shall obtain joy and gladness;
Sorrow and sighing shall flee away. (NKJ)

The Lord gave me a picture of how those two verses fit together. I often hear verse 11 quoted, but not verse 10. However, they clearly go together, as verse 11 starts with “So…” (the oft-quoted KJ version starts with Therefore…”) which implies that it relates to what was just said before it.

Just as the Lord parted the Red Sea, so will He drive away darkness and sorrow. Just as he appeared to the Israelites as a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night, so will He manifest everlasting joy upon our heads.

The picture is distinctly and intentionally reminiscent of the crossing of the Red Sea. Instead of water parting, we see evil and darkness fleeing the presence of the Lord. We see the “eternal joy” upon the heads of the redeemed manifested in a way similar to the pillar of fire. Instead of fleeing FROM Egypt, we see the redeemed running INTO the promised land. Instead of fear, we see rejoicing. It’s a party atmosphere complete with flags and shofars.

This is our inheritance TODAY.

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